Scandinavian Audio Labs

Danish handmade full range speaker units

Scandinavian Audio Labs, is a newly formed

company residing in Denmark. Their aim is to develop and produce some of the best sounding full range units on the market. To achieve this goal, great care has been taken to select the right kind of material for each application, and many hours has been spend in listening tests, as measurement cannot stand alone.

The units are designed to be used in open baffles for a two way system, crossing over at 100-200Hz, but they also work well as a single driver in large boxes.

The picture above shows the cone material, before coating.

The unique feature of the driver is the low mass cone material. It has very good audio properties and is very similar to paper, but it is actually made of very long fibres from a special material. The drivers are built with an under hung magnetic structure to increase the linearity of the magnetic flux, to optimizing the working condition for the voice coil which results in lower distortion.

Technical description:


The SAL08C08 is a 6.5” full range driver in an 8” frame. This frame is CNC machined from 10 mm aluminum

stock and is specifically designed for use in open baffle systems or in large sealed cabinets.


The cone is made from a special, very lightweight fiber material, with excellent audio properties. The surround is made from a flexible and stable foam material and the whizzer cone for high frequency reproduction is directly coupled to the voice coil.


The underhung magnetic design consists of two large 140X60X20 mm ferrite ring

magnets to produce 1.4T in the 9 mm wide magnetic gap. The magnetic structure is optimised for maximum flux linearity throughout the gap.


A large, open weave Nomex spider reflects very little acoustic energy to the cone, and offers excellent linearity. The spider also incorporates a damping ring to reduce energy reflected from the chassis to the voice coil even further.


A heat resistant, non-conductive glass fiber coil former allows a high mechanical Q for the voice coil assembly, which is wound CCAW.


The rigid CNC machined frame which incorporates an aluminum

phase plug, keeps the critical components in precise alignment, while large openings reduce air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.


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We are proud to announce that we are starting a collaboration with Mark Cronander from to service our customers in the US.



The units has been tested by some of the most known and respected people in the audio world. The picture above shows Mr. Nelson Pass with one of our units.

Technical specifications:


Fs 70 Hz

Qms 8.9

Qes 0.88

Qts 0.8

Vas 17 L

Mms 8.5 g

Re 5.9 Ohm

Cms 0.6 mm/N

Le 0.148 mH(10KHz)

BL 5

SPL 94dB(2.83V)

SD 132 cm2

X max 5.5 mm

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